Monday, January 18, 2010

Front Range Sunset

Front Range Sunset
11 x 14 inches
Oil on wood panel
(c) Bill Brauker

This is one of my favorite views. I have based the painting on a photo I took from the east end of Standley Lake, (about 1/4 mile from my house) looking towards the front range of the Rocky Mountains. We have spectacular sunsets almost every night, and every one is different. It is wonderful to look out and see the mountains, as they range through different shades of blue as the sun dips behind them.

I haven't posted much work on here lately, but I have been busily painting. I completed a small portrait of a friend over the weekend. (I won't be able to post it for several weeks, as it is a surprise.) I'm also working on a 30 x 40 inch painting of a train pulling into Notting Hill Gate Station in London. It is based on this photo I took a couple of years ago.

I also have two others in progress, an 8 X 10 inch still life of a vase of sunflowers, and a 16 x 20 inch of a lovely nude woman from the back on a green couch in a dark green room.

So keep checking in, I should have one or more of these to post soon.


Please contact me regarding availability and prices of any of my paintings. I will occasionally put some on eBay, but find that the cost of doing business with eBay and the lack of support for sellers has turned me off from using it much.

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