Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lady Morgause

Lady Morgause
oil on masonite panel

Bill Brauker
A Painting a Day

I have always liked the stories of King Arthur, and life at Camelot. (I even have a web site Also, we have traveled extensively in England, Scotland and Ireland, and have visited many castles.

The Lady Morgause is one of the most fascinating in Arthurian literature. She was said to be the half sister of King Arthur. She and Arthur did not live together as brother and sister. A beautiful lady, in adulthood, she caught the eye of Arthur and becomes pregnant after sleeping with him while they were unaware of their relation. I've always been fascinated by her, and have twice visited Tintagel Castle, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur in Cornwall. It is a mysterious and beautiful place. Go there someday with someone you love. (The last time we were there, we stayed at Camelot Castle, which is perched high on the rocky shoreline and offers a great view of the sea and the castle. --BB

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beautiful and mysterious.