Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance
5x5 inches
Oil on wood.

There is a glass walkway bridge from the old wing of the Denver Art Museum to the new wing. It gives a wonderful view of the sidewalk below. (Do a search for the museum and you will see it.) In early April, I went to the, "Inspiring Impressionism," exhibit there. These two women were walking in the brilliant Colorado sunshine, and I was struck by the way their shadows danced, as they walked along. They are walking down a slight incline next to the old wing of the museum.

Those who are very observant may look at the building and think the perspective is not right. Part of the problem is that the women are walking downhill, so the bottom of the building is sloping at the same angle, while the windows remain parallel with the floor inside the building, so it makes for an unusual angle.

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