Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muse by the Window

Muse by the Window
8 x 10 inches
Oil on wood panel.

This one was a long time in the making. I started on it months ago, then put it aside for what I thought would be a few days, but turned into much longer. I recently would work a bit here and there on it, but decided today it was time to finish.

Muse, (yes, that is her real name,) is a lovely model and actress from England, who graciously allowed me to use a photo of her for this painting. She is a true muse and has admirers around the world. I have not done her beauty justice with this one, but hope to do better with another. Her web site is here. (There is nudity on her site, of course, but it is all done tastefully, and beautifully.)

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Barbara Pask said...

This is nice Bill, very nice light and what a pretty gal. I am putting a link to you on my blog. You'll need to copy and past my link or it may take you to that other blog. Take care

Sharon Wright said...


Jacqui Faye Michel said...

Bill -- beautiful work!! there's so much intrigue in this one.