Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saint-Remy Lavender Field

Saint-Remy Lavender Field
8 x 10 inches
Oil on wood panel.

This is a view of a lavender field near Saint-Paul hospital, the asylum where Vincent Van Gogh stayed from May 1889 to May 1890, in Saint-Rémy de Provence. Vincent painted 143 paintings in and around the hospital.

Ironically, I found out after I posted this earlier, that today is Vincent's birthday. He would be 156 today. Happy Birthday, Vincent!

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Barbara Pask said...

Very nice Bill, love the colors in this. Vincent's birthday, odd that you just happened to post this today.

Bill Brauker said...

I couldn't believe it, right after I posted this, I checked back to a site I looked at, regarding his stay there, and found out that it was his birthday.

Anonymous said...


Wow! Stunning! It took away my breathe for a moment. 25 years... about the same since my last painting. The easel is up, the idea is clear, but the brush...

Clearly you have inspired. Thank you for the follow.

Di (oledi45)