Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bath

The Bath
11 x 15 inches
Oil on wood panel

I have been working on two commissioned paintings, so have not been doing much other work, but did manage to finish this one over the weekend. I have always loved the series of works by Edgar Degas featuring the bath. I thought I would try something somewhat similar. (Although, no one can approach the master.) Still, it was fun and I love the light and the warmth of this scene.

The panel was sized to fit this lovely wood frame that I bought at an antique shop.

Please contact me to purchase this painting and the frame for $1000, or regarding the availability and prices of any of my paintings.

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Barbara Pask said...

Just gorgeous Bill and I love the frame. Glad to see you are painting, stop by Daves for a visit.

Laurel Daniel said...

This is just fabulous and love seeing the detail... great to meet you and find your blog! Good luck with your commissions!

Bill Brauker said...

Barb:Thanks, yes, that frame was a great find.

Laurel:You are too kind. I love your style. Looking at those landscapes, I can feel what you saw.