Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gettysburg Morning

Gettysburg Morning
6 x 6 inches
Oil on wood panel.
(c) Bill Brauker

Yesterday, April 12, was the 150th anniversary of the start of the most horrific conflict ever fought on American soil. Known as the Civil War, or the War Between the States, at the end of the four year war, 620,000 brave young men lay dead from combat and disease. I painted this yesterday as a reminder and tribute to the brave soldiers of both sides, Americans all.

This is an early morning view of a battle cannon pointed out towards the mist shrouded fields of Gettysburg. The painting was inspired by a photograph by Jack Jay Jenkins, a wonderful photographer who chronicles Civil War Reenactments. You can see his photography here.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this painting for $100 (free shipping). Credit cards welcomed.


Kay said...

I remember visiting Gettysburg as a young child and it was sobering.

Sharon Wright said...

This has such atmosphere and poignancy. It is a wonderful painting, Bill.