Saturday, January 20, 2007

Front Range Near Standley Lake

Front Range
8 X 10 inches
oil on wood panel

A view of the Front Range, from Standley Lake, near my house.

My wife Anne and I go hiking here quite often. If you look at the clump of trees on the left side of the painting, in the tree farthest to the right, this summer we spotted two great horned owls, sitting side by side. What a sight!

Great Horned Owls. Photo by Bill Brauker

Following are three close-ups of the painting. I like to do this to take a look at the brushstrokes. I still feel I paint somewhat conservatively, and would like to loosen up some.

The original photo of this painting could have been better. Sometimes it is hard to get the color to show up correctly and shoot it without getting reflections on it.

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