Saturday, January 20, 2007

Painting Life, Part Two

Dusk, Front Range
8 X 10 inches
oil on canvas, 2006

After a lay-off of over 25 years, I have picked up the brushes and started painting again. For years, every time I was out in the garage and saw my old paint box, I swore to myself that I would begin again. Finally, after my usual bouts of procrastination, I have done it.

My first subject is a view that is very dear to me. The mountains at dusk. As I stand here typing, (yes, I stand a lot while typing) by my second floor window, the view out is quite similar. I can see the tops of the blue peaks of the front range of the Rocky Mountains, peaking through the trees. The actual scene of the painting is about a half mile away from my house in Westminster, Colorado.

I used both brush and palette knife for this one, mostly the knife, which I love. We get the most beautiful skies here, so the pink is not unusual.

Detail of Dusk, Front Range.

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