Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Artist's Studio

The Artist's Studio
5x7 inches
Oil on Masonite panel

I am a regular watcher of an interesting and informative online show, on, called Dave The Painting Guy. David Darrow is the guy, and he is one terrific portrait painter. This painting was based on a web cam shot of Dave's former studio. He is currently moving to a new one. I have taken certain artistic liberties with colors and things. Thanks for permitting me to use the photo, Dave. You can see Dave's show here,

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Sharon Wright said...

Hi Bill,
Love the atmosphere, suggests serious work going on.
I also enjoy Dave the Painting Guy, hope he's back soon, I have learned a lot.
I eagerly await your next painting, how do you get such FEELING into your work?
Best wishes,
Sharon (Sewsew)