Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Afternoon Repose

Afternoon Repose
8 x 10 inches
Oil on wood panel.

I recently went to the Meininger art supply store in Denver. (One great place!) While there, I learned of the Gamblin Torrit Grey Painting Competition.

Every spring, Gamblin Artists Colors collects a wealth of pigments from itsTorit® Air Filtration system. They filter the air around the areas where they handle dry pigments so that the workers are not exposed to pigment dust. Rather than sending any of the high quality, expensive pigments into the landfill, Gamblin paint makers recycle them into "Gamblin Torrit Grey."

The mix of pigments is different every year, so Torrit Grey is always unique and will never be repeated.

Torrit grey tubes are given out free to artists. By hosting the Torrit Grey Painting Competition, Robert Gamblin invites painters to experiment with the first dimension of Gamblin Color Space: VALUE. See how light & dark values can have as much impact as color.

This is my first effort, though it won't be my last, as I learned much from this exercise. The painting was 99.9 percent done with torrit grey and white. I think I dipped my brush in the black once, but didn't like it, so stuck with the grey and white.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Rina H, a wonderful photographer from Germany, who has graciously allowed me to use one of her lovely photos as inspiration for this painting. She is very talented. Her work can be seen here. www.rinafoto.com

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Irene Rencsi said...

I absolutely love this, Bill!! Beautiful work! You definitely must do another.

Beverly Sams said...

Bill, Wow! And, yeah, what Irene said. Wonderful range of values....more, please...

Aida Guerry said...

Hi Bill from Denver,
This is such a wonderful sketch....
Great to view your paintings and sketches.
Aida from Fort Collins

Barbara Pask said...

Wow Bill, this is just beautiful and a great exercise I bet for values. When you get a chance Bill will you re-do the link to my blog here on your page. I changed it. Thanks so much

Barbara Pask said...

HI Bill, Just ignore what I said about my link, it was way too involved to change it now. :)